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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we have to educate these people. that is our show.. we will be back next week. five days away from the presidential election and the presidential race in the dead heat one-tenth of 1% separates the candidates. it could not be much tighter. the campaign trail e ventas schedule ratcheting up as well. both the art crossing of swing states for those who could decide the election. obama's is sitting three swing states today bad and colorado.
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tomorrow the obamacare paid focuses on ohio with three separate events saturday dead boy back to wisconsin, iowa and virginia. new hampshire, colorado and ohio the president will stop in wisconsin, iowa and ohio. governor romney was in virginia and then both campaigns are in ohio. both campaigns in iowa on saturday at the same time romney also going to colorado and new hampshire. that is how desperate both are for the undecided vote. just one and then on the sunday schedule for mitt romney. finishing where it began at. w hampshire.
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the daily tracking poll has governor romney maintaining the 2.lead within a margin of error. also the new abc poll with a one point* lead there in with -- within one-tenth of one percentage point*. at the same time obama was up five points and ultimately won by 6%. 2004 rasmussen project did a victory for president bush and one by the same margin. another poll shows them both died at 36% that same poll shows governor romney 14 pointed vantage on like we've voter turnout that
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could be the key putting the campaign over thtop in the swing states. clear politics has wisconsin as a tossup the latest poll has acandidates' tied at 49%. the president by a margin of 56% is now tied. 16 electoral votes considered a tossup of brand-new detroit poll has a president up by three. to poll have governor romney in the lead for colorado. rasmussen s 50/46 nrg has set at one. obama's stopped and ohio everyday trying to get that
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18 votes although romney shows a 2.eight. we will examine all of the members tonight. we have joe trip the special assistant to george to the bush, rahm christi. fox news unovers the smoking gun with the benghazi cover up. does it lead to the oval office? we have to be miller and dr. walid phares. and the subjects you may have noticed. but joining us now be have former special assistant to george w. bush, christie and joe, a race is separated
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one-tenth of 1%. >> is a dead heat national the list fascinating is we talk about the ground game since april and it may decide this more importantly one candidate the but the win all of them or none of them are split equally and be up for several days to figure out. lou: to whom is you give momentum? or are they add tae? >> good evening. if i give an indicator to momentum as governor romney. listen to the stump speech
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not only today but he is very optimistic and upbeat have the will turn things around obama has been strident and very dismiss if talking about what romney is all about. would get the key undecided voters they will swing in the governor's direction. will know what bob has done the he ds not talk about his vision. lou: joe, the question is not responding to questions about benghazi clearly stonewalling the issue thanks to of compliant, docile, lapdog national media. to americans living care that the president refuses to explain it to is
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responsible? >> mitt romney missed the big opportunity to push that issue at the last debate. that may have been a mistake. he could paper that now because the press took a cue. lou: one of the few that they take. >> no, no, no. mitt romney is not raising this at all. not and the stump speech, he wants to keep it on the economy. there maybe resents but he has not do it -- done it. lou: i am confused with the reasoning, led the national media dropping in the bail of pretense and simply
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supporting one man now through reelection use it just somehow governor romney would influence what they did or did not do? >> i am saying he could make it a big issue by commenting. he has not done that. there is one thing how you push the story and it is one thing for fox. lou: but now to a knowledge fox has been right. now we hear from abc will lease chronicles the efforts of others. "washington post" now chronicling the documents
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they found on a october 26 it is in benghazi at the consulate. where has the media ben? >> mitt romney could put this on a front-page. >> i heard you say that three times. i still don't believe it. >> this is not about governor romney but a corrupt actions from the media not to cover this pri is negligence and dereliction oduty not have a press conference or a time line specifically what happened. what did the president do that night, what orders did he give? lou: we have a gutless national liberal media who does not have the courage to step up and do their job. but at the same time an electorate has the opportunity to vote to on
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whether or not a failure to be square with the american people is to be tolerated. >> that is the sleeper issue of the campaign. a lot of americans and independence -- independent voters look at the media being compliant for i think that will hurt the president and could make the difference. >> the use of the board cover-up, i don't believe there was a cover-up. i can get a screen that but the point* is if the press is that list why isn't romney pushing this? and not blaming him but he wants it to be about the
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economy. lou: that is his choice. >> the national media made a choi to roll over to be a pink poodle in the lap of this administrations. >> i apologize you don't like my word cover-up after eight weeks the press and refuses to a college to is responsible to take responsibility and to dodge a simple question and at y straight forward to the american people about a video on youtube. joe, that is the stuff of a cover-up. they do. much more on the homestretch and what to expect leadi up to election day.
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lou: much of the northeast without power much still under water. ttree days after landfall we will have a full report on the effort of millions to begin rebuilding without basic services without gasoline, of food, light and
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bring you up-to-date first on wall street which is counter to what we have on wall street good news to boost -- competencerising to the highest level in four years not since 2008 has consumer competence been this high with good jobs picture that optimism adp has created jobs at the fastest rate and unemployment claims fell but challenger gray said layoffs will rise in october. tomorrow is the final unemployed report before the election. the dow gains when hundred 306 points after testing the
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support level. advancers leading the decliners about 10% heavier than usual. technology is up with heavy volumetraders like induce the company will continue to run bet dot com registry. they agreed to be bought by red prairie at $45 a share. if nvidia is up 5% microsoft stock is up 3.5% bankamerica and jpmorgan chase was up. exxonmobil earning slightly more than 9.$5 billion.
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a lot of money but those long gas lines put a more generous value on the product is delivered eight yen and day out. but when you look those earnings exxon paid 7.$3 billion of federal income tax. 8.65 billion of taxes but the total bill over $24 billion. 2.5 times more than what it kept and profits. the treasury market caution ahead of the unemployment report with the yield rising
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at 1.7%. the stock market back in business after hurricane sandy. the victory lap that bot candidates took yesterday may have been far too early especially new jersey and new york struggling to restore power. working hard to get recovery efforts they would like help but essential services, food shortages, polluted drinking water. the pictures of themselves slapping each other on the back is not appreciated by those who have yet to see any evidence of what they are deprived of. the death toll has risen at 88 homes and businesses remain without power.
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yorkers have some relief as some sections of the subway system resumed but commuters are still struggling with limited service. automobile travel still a nightmare the major tunnels are still closed the airports are operating at reduced capacity. with those hardest hit areas limited by supplies and and no electrical power. evander cuomo is asking everybody to be patient. >> help is coming. states are calling saying they want to be a helpful. rehire of a lot of help coming from the government.
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massive undertaking but it requires a team. what you have seen is a real team. >> it could be become the second most important storm. hurricane katrina was the most costly and 108 billion. new jersey officials say they are extending the deadline for the unveiling and balance and will send in assistance to the storm battered communities. obama likes to talk about killing bin laden. we will talk about the unmentionable. details about the failure to protect the nation's interest and people in the be up.
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lou: it is time for the top talk. we want to address the president this seems to be profoundly challenge by truth and reality. this is the president seeking your approach. listen carefully. >> we knew from the beginning the work would take more than one term. long before the financial crisis hits. >> they have been hammered
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under this president. the intelligce and the memory of the american people. one month after he took office please listen carefully. >> i will be held accountable. i have four years. one year from now we're starting to make progress. of this is not done in three years it is a one-term proposition. lou: he forgot he would need to terms. >> these are uncomfortable words some say he has lied
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and benghazi comes to mind as he campaigns for reelection talk about unemployed. 23 million americans out of work or have given up looking. the presidendoes that number at -- mention that never. he said there is a single one he did not mention 23 million other americans. he puts it on 1%. very commendable. 50% of college graduates cannot find a job. we don't hear about that the
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15 million people who had to sign up for food stamps. we don't hear talk of poverty. 46 million live below the poverty line the highest level in almost two decades. the president doesn't ever like to mention deficits by number like $1 trillion, four straight years. or our national debt to that is 16 trillion. gdp growth under his administration has slowed under his policy from 2.4% from 1.8 % a reserve forecast of around 1.7 through two point* o.
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governor christie and the president boast about their great job but the misery index is growing as gas lines stretch. people not enjoy the mutual admiration society. gasoline prices were average of $1.84 they could double that now. the war on terror? this administration decided it would not use that expression embargo today the president declared al qaeda as it decimated despite the fact for americans were killed benghazi be he designed mention that the there.
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you don't hear the president talk about the youtube video. remember he was concerned about insulting islam? with embassies and consulates? his contradictions and revisions unmentionable by the national liberal media up. immigration reform we will just talk about 10. you will hear the president talk about this in limited circumstances talking to hispanic voters who heard the same nonsense four years ago when he promised comprehension and reform. this has been inadequate it.
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i can hear the chant and good distance four more years? both crisscross the country. will their speech get the voters? struggling to dig out from hurricane sandy. lines forming at gas stations and tempers growing. how long will this last? repealing security fears before the attack. ambassador stevens warned of a lapse in the weeks before he was killed. one means there is no escaping responsibility. [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology
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lou: new details of the administration's failure to protect our interest and people and benghazi fox news reveals a classified cable warning the state department to secretary clinton's office saying the mission could not sustain callback a coordinated attack. in addition it it claims will libya militia could not be trusted. this came three weeks before the deadly attack on september 11th. from mitt romney the middle east 10 -- eastern advisor regroup lobbied fear is also judith miller. this is the smoking gun making it very clear
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everyone in a position responsibility new they were in desperate trouble. >> that is just the latest to contradict the conflicting narrative sweep have gotten with lap band that night and what the administration did to protect our people. none of it makes sense. so many questions have been raised, the administrations docks, and mitt romney is not pressing. lou: tipper griffin confirming during the september 11 attack the obama administration did not convene the top interagency counterterrorism security group.
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>> that is very telling. began by saying the president is not talking about the war on terror saying al qaeda is shattered. not just the ninth reaction to the attack against the consulate but the administration is not prepared that those militias on the ground were commanded by the former fighters that the cable said will have been a affirmation of the intention you have a systemic problem not just reacting but preempting as well. lou: the cbs correspondents made reports also jake tapper from abc.
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others, as some people david ignatius at "the washington post." foreign policy a magazine shows up in benghazi to find documents in the personal documents of ambassador stevens. the fbi had been there but left the evidence in the rubble. >> it is unthinkable. it is a draft cable we don't kn if it was ever sent but it does say we have asked the libyans again and again for more security with a patrol in the front in the back of roving patrol, bomb sniffing drugs, ambassadors
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coming and we have nothing we requested. that is found on the ground october 26? why are to the media up an arms asking again and again at every opportunity? get a straight story. nobody died with watergate or monica lipinski. the president owes the erican people and explanation and they should not hide behind a "robust investigation." lou: the fbi left the documents on the ground amid the rubble. >> despite the fact fable told us the mission on the ground there were 10 training camps and benghazi
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the administrations and acted as a bit was normal we need to change policy. >> and values that recognize truth and honor? >> they need to inform the public that we have to would mitt that -- would have to limit that. >> up next the east coast ravage and the latest former's cvr at -- cbo director, and joe mcglowan among our guests. among our guests. a new poll may hold the key
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th snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. lou: frustration mounting in
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response to hurricane sandy not just 4 million customers without power but james called the red cross effort and absolute disgrace all five boroughs but staten island has seen the worst damage. including two young boys swept out of there mothers' arms. craig few gate not satisfied with his own agency's response. >> i know what people to think we're doing good. you have survivors. they don't care how many people you have staging and give me a place to stay in
10:45 pm
what is my power backlog. lou: the federal government will pick up 100% of the cost with power restoration and transportation through the end of next week but some call fema to reimburse all that damage for kosher cargo, cook county board president says she drops the nickel tax on bullets but keeping the to deprive dollar tax on all firearms. and his son has to be approved hoping to raise $600,000 in chicago -- chicago veba leave those 436 people that were killed pay taxes. florida, 1,0 miles from ohio. >> the cleveland paper said
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lou: the "a team" monica of crowley, but -- doug schoen
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and nina eastman fox news contributor. the benghazi cable is truly a disaster for theabove administrations and? >> also the drip drip drip real documentation the administration knew what was happening in realtime requesting additional security for over one month, repeatedly denied while the attack was under way they rectified the three times additional military support. >> it is the foreign policy matter people think in a distant sense but the time where people can connect on a human level. calls for help, people lost
10:51 pm
their lives calls went to unanswered and officials were told to stand down. it will not affect the election in but as i am not sure the end of the day will have a difference on tuesday lou:what would? 27 million unemployed and an economy slowing and the president who has spoken and not the truth it we have a clear statement as we can have thinking that we are the tools so we don't have a memory for foreign policy. >> to change the dialogue from the past to make the
10:52 pm
case to get off of cleanup to the question of the economy. the poll said it is dead even a -- even but economic leadership from the is ahead. he passed to make that the issue. lou: better race in a statistical tie. with the real clear politics howl in the world can this president have it this close? >> people have tried to dissect that. because barack obama expanded government and the welfare state what would sink a president 20 years
10:53 pm
ago is not this one becuse of the expansion of the welfare state taking the sting out of the economy. >> i agre. we said one year-ago no president been reelected with unemployment over 7% it is a tight race. the downside is people are more in nervous about safety nets, more reliant, a disability has gone up as well as food stamps. when you start talking about changes of medicare and social security they're more likely to have a conversation. but really it means people
10:54 pm
are clinging on to the safety nets. >> we see the 14% advantage. with the race this tight we know the challenger takes the majority of the votes of undecided. this looks like a powerful opportunity. >> is. i believe president obama has a better ground game, and get out the vote. lou: then why doesn't he get to 30 votes to members of 2008? >> his people are not motivated but they can be brought to the polls.
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